Avoid the dangers of drinking and driving. Order the Key4Life.

Key4Life provides a prepaid safe ride home when it’s too risky to get behind the wheel.

When you’re out drinking and having a good time, it’s tempting to get in the car and drive yourself home. However, that decision can have serious consequences—a DUI, lost job, an accident, injuring yourself or others, or even worse. Drinking and driving laws in Arizona are especially stringent:

  • A DUI in Arizona can cost in excess of $10,000 (including attorney fees and penalties).
  • Offenders must have an ignition interlock device installed on their car for at least six months.
  • DUIs impact every aspect of your life, not just transportation.
    DUI arrest

Protect yourself and those you care about from these risks with the Key4Life. It is a small investment and provides you with peace of mind knowing a safe ride home is only a call away.

VIP Taxi is the chosen Arizona provider for the Key4Life program.
Order your Key4Life and call VIP Taxi when you’re ready to go home!

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