Patients Trust VIP Taxi

VIP Taxi works with numerous hospitals and medical providers in Arizona, getting patients home from hospital stays, and to or from their medical appointments safely. If you, or someone you care about, needs reliable transportation for a procedure or appointment, call VIP Taxi today! Our team also  works directly with hospital care managers to provide easy transportation arrangements for patients that are awaiting discharge.

Why is VIP Taxi the Safest Ride 


EVERY VIP Taxi comes equipped with state-of-the-art live stream infrared camera systems known as Mobileye. This ensures the safety of both the customers and drivers. Driver speed and sudden stops are measured and reported back to headquarters to ensure our drivers are being safe

  • Interior Day/Night camera to view vehicle occupants
  • Exterior camera to see vehicle path
  • Live audio recording of driver & passenger interaction
  • Real-time inertia reporting to the dispatch office
  • Vehicle speed & GPS location reporting at all times


Mobileye is the leading supplier of software that enables Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS). Mobileye uses the mono-camera, the most versatile of sensing technologies able to identify shapes like vehicles and pedestrians, inspired by human vision.

The mono-vision is used worldwide as the preferred source for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Mobileye is based on longer distances and can capture shading, perspectives, texture, and motion cues much like the human eye. This aims to minimize accidents and mishaps that may happen on the road by negotiating complex driving situations via the computer system. The software also updates speed limits, alerts for safe lane changing, among others.


VIP Taxi holds drivers to the highest standards in order to keep our customers safe. VIP Taxi Drivers are required to undergo criminal background checks and drug tests. Our process differs from other companies that do not care about drivers criminal activity, leaving riders vulnerable.


VIP Taxis are required to have full insurance coverage to cover any event of an accident occurring. This differs from ride sharing and other transportation companies.


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VIP Taxi understands the high-stress task of discharging patients from the hospital. With all of the moving parts of getting a patient ready for discharge, the last thing you need to worry about is finding reliable transportation home. VIP Taxi is trusted by local hospitals in The Valley, and many enjoy the benefits of holding a corporate account which caters to their specific needs.

Corporate Line

VIP Taxi has dedicated call agents to cater exclusively to your hospital’s business account. It is important to us to provide your business with easy access to ride reservations and inquiries.


VIP Taxi provides Hospital business accounts with paper vouchers allowing their patients or employees to ride VIP Taxis and charge the ride to the business account. This makes it easy to pay for patients transportation.


Monthly billing helps hospitals bulk their transportation expenses into one payment every month.


VIP Taxi provides riders with a text message with a live link to access ETA, driver location and driver contact info. This allows for riders to be completely informed about their ride and therefore a more pleasant transportation experience.

Book Online, Track Cab

VIP Taxi’s online booking platform makes it easy to book rides, get fare estimates, check current status’ of reservations, and view a live map of available drivers in any part of Arizona. VIP Taxi makes it easy to get where you need to go!


VIP Taxi’s Business Account Manager will assist when your business has any issues, special requests, vouchers, need a custom transportation quote, or any other support your business may need.


At VIP Taxi, every vehicle must pass regular inspections by a VIP Taxi driver coach and the driver must go through additional training and requirements before being allowed to pickup passengers from a corporate account.