VIP Reward Points

Riding VIP just got that much more rewarding! Book by Calling/Texting (602) 300-3000 for Phoenix, (520)300-3000 for Tucson, on, or through the VIP Taxi App! Follow the VIP Link that is texted to your phone to sign up. Your VIP Points are then automatically added when you ride VIP, based on your phone number. Use VIP Points towards VIP Rewards like gift cards for movies, experiences, restaurants & more!

VIP Reward Points for Our VIP Customers



to (602) 300-3000 or (520) 300-3000 to enroll.


Get 150 complimentary points once you join and automatically

get points for any non-account trip taken with VIP Taxi.


Get VIP Rewards for Riding VIP!

Automatically get VIP Points when you ride with VIP Taxi. Use your VIP Points to redeem awesome gift cards, experiences, & more!

On Mobile Device: Click above to Text VIP to (602) 300-3000 (Will work for Phoenix & Tucson)




(Based on your phone number).

First time? Follow the link in text to verify VIP Points Account.

Text ‘VIP’ to (602)/(520) 300-3000 to redeem VIP Points for VIP Rewards- like gift cards & more. Special Link will take you to your VIP Points Account.

That’s it!

You earn points every time you RIDE VIP!




Monday - Friday

Travel Between the Hours of



4:30PM - 8PM

VIP Customers Get
50% MORE

VIP Points

Airport 2x Points Multiplier

Ride VIP to Tucson Airport or Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and you’ll get 2x the points!

VIP Taxi – Reward Points

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Customers are invited to enroll by text after their trip only if their order is not under an account and the area of their pickup is within our “Warm Market” meaning we typically service that area with good coverage. The program is active in both Phoenix and Tucson.

A: The points are calculated base on the trip total, including gratuity. This allows an opportunity for any customer to get more points if the trip total is higher and/or the gratuity is more as we encourage gratuity for legendary service. Points are automatically added at the end of the non-account job being completed.

A: The customer is informed of their points balance at the end of every non-account trip automatically by text. They receive a combination survey and points balance link as well. They can also text us the word VIP to 602-300-3000 or 520-300-3000 for an automated response and a link to tap for the rewards store anytime 24/7.

A: VIP Taxi offers enrolled customers the ability to earn 1.5X points if they book their trip Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and/or 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Any trips booked for these times will automatically get an extra 50% in points credit at the end of the trip. This is to incentivize the customer to use our service during non-peak times.

A: It works for all booking methods as long as the phone number is attached to the job.

A: The system has no way of identifying the customer on a flag job, but if a customer wants to make sure they get those points, simply update the job with their phone number and save it before the driver completes the order. If this happened afterwards, please portal it with the job number so we may investigate and credit their account.

A: Yes, please portal this with the old phone number and the new phone number so we may transfer the points.

A: The customer cannot book or pay for a trip using their points directly. They can instead use our service, and once they have enough points, they can redeem a VIP Taxi Gift Card and use that towards future transportation.

A: The customer would need 2,400 points for a $15 VIP Taxi Gift Card, 4,000 points for a $25 VIP Taxi Gift Card, and 5,900 points for a $25 third party gift card (Amazon, Target, Fry’s, etc…)

A: Currently there is no way for a customer to enroll if they do not do it by text. All reward communication is done by text so they would have no ability to check their points or redeem a gift card. Please portal this if it happens so we can gauge if we need to make adjustments.

A: Confirm that the trip in question was not under an account. If it is not under an account, please portal the issue with the customer’s phone number so we may investigate. The reason we do not offer points for account jobs is because account jobs typically mean the trip is paid in full/partial by a different outside entity/person/business other than the rider. This can include private and government funds where it would not be appropriate to reward the traveling passenger if they did not pay out of pocket. If this creates any confusion, please portal this with the customer’s contact information so we may follow up.

A: All orders are shipped within 24-48 hours and the customer is sent an E-mail once it has shipped. If they still need assistance, please forward them to Jason below.

A: They can call Jason at (602) 427-5116, E-mail, or transfer to extension 132.

VIP Taxi – Digital Ride Credit

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Please click here and use password 303. Enter in the customer’s phone number, submit the form, and then check the Dispatch E-mail and Zipwhip for a response in about 5-10 seconds. If you see them in Zipwhip, you can also scroll up/down to view what the system has told them.

A: If the customer actually had ride credit, they may have used it already. Please do a job search under their phone number and look at the name field. You are looking for “E-CREDIT PAID” on the name line. If you found that, it will say the amount that the customer used for that specific job. If you do not see that they used the ride credit and they do not have any credit available, please create a portal entry. Please let them know management will look into it and we will follow up with them directly. In the mean time, they would need to pay the driver for the full fare. Please keep in mind that just because someone claims they have credit, when they don’t have credit, does not necessarily mean there is a problem with the system. The system may be doing everything correctly, the customer simply doesn’t have any ride credit on file.

A: They may be purchased online or in exchange for VIP Reward Points if they have enough points. They can exchange 2,400 points for a $15 ride credit or 4,000 points for a $25 ride credit in the rewards store. To view the rewards store, just have the customer text in the word VIP to 602-300-3000 or 520-300-3000 for a link to the store. If they are not yet a member, they will not have any points to redeem yet. Please encourage them to sign up and follow the link after the trip has been completed. 

∙€€€€€€€€  Customers can buy digital ride credit online

o    To purchase, direct the customer to

o    They will get a text message confirming their purchase and current balance amount, an E-mailed receipt, and complete instructions on how to use the credit.

∙€€€€€€€€  Customers can give digital ride credit to someone as a gift

o    To gift the credit, direct them to

o    Dispatch: This can also be used as an alternative to the Prepaid CC Form. This is very easy to gift and send the credit to someone as long as they have a cell phone and they can text.

o    The gift recipient will get a text message with complete instructions on how to use the credit. The person that purchased the credit will get an E-mailed receipt.

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Thank you to our loyal customers over the years. We wanted to give back to our VIPs with the VIP Reward Points Program. As a Local, Family Owned & Operated Company, we truly appreciate you Supporting Arizona Businesses.