Arizona’s Senior Community Trusts VIP Taxi

VIP Taxi has been trusted in transporting Arizona’s senior citizens for over 20 years. Our in-depth driver background checks and video/audio security cameras give seniors (and their families) peace of mind that they will reach their destination completely safe.

Why is VIP Taxi the Safest Ride 


EVERY VIP Taxi comes equipped with state-of-the-art live stream infrared camera systems known as Mobileye. This ensures the safety of both the customers and drivers. Driver speed and sudden stops are measured and reported back to headquarters to ensure our drivers are being safe

  • Interior Day/Night camera to view vehicle occupants
  • Exterior camera to see vehicle path
  • Live audio recording of driver & passenger interaction
  • Real-time inertia reporting to the dispatch office
  • Vehicle speed & GPS location reporting at all times


Mobileye is the leading supplier of software that enables Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS). Mobileye uses the mono-camera, the most versatile of sensing technologies able to identify shapes like vehicles and pedestrians, inspired by human vision.

The mono-vision is used worldwide as the preferred source for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Mobileye is based on longer distances and can capture shading, perspectives, texture, and motion cues much like the human eye. This aims to minimize accidents and mishaps that may happen on the road by negotiating complex driving situations via the computer system. The software also updates speed limits, alerts for safe lane changing, among others.


VIP Taxi holds drivers to the highest standards in order to keep our customers safe. VIP Taxi Drivers are required to undergo criminal background checks and drug tests. Our process differs from other companies that do not care about drivers criminal activity, leaving riders vulnerable.


VIP Taxis are required to have a full insurance coverage to cover any event of an accident occurring. This differs from ride sharing and other transportation companies.