Hotels and Resorts Transportation Service in Metro Phoenix and Tucson

VIP Taxi has built an acclaimed reputation in Arizona’s hospitality industry over the past decade. We provide hotels and resorts with the proper resources to make booking transportation for guests as simple and seamless as possible. We believe in providing an excellent experience for your guests in hopes that they will visit again soon.


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Get Custom Hotel Online Booking Login

Track Cab Live on Map
View the status of your guest’s ride by viewing the driver’s location, live on the online booking map.

Get Fare Estimates

Easily input customer destination into VIP Taxi online booking to quickly get a fare estimate.

Rider Live Link

Provide guest phone number and they will receive a text with a live link to access ETA, driver location in real time, and driver contact info.

Manage Current
and Previous Rides

Manage every ride that you book at the front desk, past and present. This makes it easy to book recurring rides and check ride history.

Less Front Desk Questions

By providing guests with access to ride info via Rider Live Link text, the front desk is able to handle other responsibilities. Management satisfaction is important to us!

Flat Rate Sheets for PHX Sky Harbor or Mesa Gateway Airport AZA

Conveniently give your guests easy pricing for airport rides from your hotel with flat rate sheets from VIP Taxi. A set price is established by VIP Taxi for your hotel to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX) or Mesa Gateway (AZA). Simply give these out to your guests and their ride is guaranteed to be that price (or lower) regardless of traffic, weather, or any other delays that may be experienced. The taxi meter may run higher than the flat rate but the customer will only be charged the flat rate amount that is associated with your hotel.

  Monthly Billing Available

Enroll in direct billing for monthly invoices on any trips you authorize billed to your account. This is especially useful if guests want to charge their ride to their hotel bill.

  • Tear-Off Carbon Copy Vouchers
  • Authorization PIN (Optional)
  • Eliminate Petty Cash
  • Easy Monthly Statement

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