Tips for Traveling During the Holidays

Find out how to travel smart and get through the crowds!

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Let’s admit it, traveling for the holidays is a mix of both joy and pain. You get the pleasure of being off from work to visit the family, but the journey for it can be quite stressful. People are anxious to make it home, thus creating problems like traffic and hectic airport crowds. Since there are so many transplants in Arizona, brace yourself for some obstacles when flying out during this time. VIP Taxi are the experts at providing reliable airport transportation throughout Arizona, and even offers flat rates to PHX.

Here’s a list to help make traveling for the Holidays more efficient.

1.  Plan ahead

It’s true that those who fail to plan are planning to fail. The first step is setting a definite date as to when you’d want to fly back home. Once you have your flight information, you will want to plan your transportation. You will want to arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before a domestic flight and 2.5 hours for international. Use VIP Taxi’s Online booking to make your reservation in advance. You can easily check the status of your reservation via the online booker or the VIP Taxi App. Planning everything from what you will take with you to what you will wear to the airport will make things go smoothly when traveling to see your loved ones.

2.  Try to Pack Light

Most people flying out for the holidays are only going to be out of town for a few days. Bringing a few tops and pants/skirt options that can mix and match can save you a ton of space. Rolling your clothes can also save space. Without luggage to tag and check, you can skip the long lines at the check-in counter. Print your boarding passes beforehand or at the self-service check-in machines at the airport, then you can breeze right over to the TSA screening line.

3.  Check flights before going to the airport

It is truly disappointing to arrive at the airport early only to find out that your flight is delayed or canceled. If you’ve checked out of the hotel already, that’s double the pain. Sometimes, airlines send you notifications but it is still recommended to check in case, somehow, the notifications don’t make it to you. Google your flight number, or use sites like flightview or flightstats, to check the status before you get to the airport.

4.  Know your baggage limit and weigh them

If you have to check a bag, make sure you know your airline’s weight limits and weigh your bags at home, before you head to the airport. This way, you won’t have to pay additional fees due to excess weight, or be “that guy” piling on layers to lighten your luggage. By using your scale at home, you can head to the airport with peace of mind, knowing your bags are compliant. (Using a scale at home: carry the bag on the scale and subtract your weight)

5.  Make sure your documents are reachable

Before reaching the front of the line, make sure that all of your (and your family’s) documents (plane ticket, ID, boarding pass) are in your hand or somewhere easily accessible. This is an efficient way to provide a smooth process in checking in.

6.  Dress to Succeed

Making it through security can be easy if you take the right steps. What you wear to the airport can save you a good amount of time. Wear shoes that are easy to remove, pants that don’t need a belt, and a light sweater. While everyone’s fiddling with their belts, unlacing their shoes, and dealing with security hassling their big jackets (like rookies), you’ll fly through security, just like a pro.

7.  Get to know basic airport rules

Did you know that Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX), only allows 3.4 ounces or less of liquids or gels in a carry-on bag?  Liquids or gels must be in one quart-size, clear plastic bag zip-top bag. (bring extra zip-lock bags in case) Pack your liquids and Laptops somewhere easy to access, since they are required to be screened separately. Knowing basic rules like this about your airport can save you time in security.

8.  Sign Up For TSA Precheck or Global Entry

If you are a US Citizen or permanent resident, you may qualify for the TSA Precheck or Global Entry Program that works with popular airlines. This allows you to skip the hassle of security checkpoints all together. You get to hang on to all of your belongings. No conveyor belts, no taking out your laptop, no taking off your belt and shoes, and you don’t have to remove your laptops or liquids! There’s no body scans, or even pat-downs. Going through security is an absolute breeze, and you can avoid the long lines. After your application is submitted, it usually takes the TSA only 2-3 weeks to get back to you, but once they do a background check, you never have to worry about security!

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